Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Speech Under Siege

Why is it that the guys on the left pretend they are for free speech and yet they take every opportunity they can to stop the voices that they disagree with from speaking? Now they've announced that they're putting Glenn Beck's Fox News TV show in their crosshairs. -- the group once run by self-professed communist Van Jones, now a senior White House staffer, a.k.a. the "Green Czar"-- is spearheading an effort to persuade advertisers to drop their sponsorship of Glenn Beck's show. That is, lefties want to muscle Fox into canceling Beck's show on Fox. There is no evidence that Fox is ever going to cave in to such pressure, of course, but that won't stop ColorofChange, aided by the MSM, from trying.

It is axiomatic that under the First Amendment assessments of the political content of talk radio or TV for the purpose of deciding whether those programs should continue or not is a violation of free speech. Even though this boycott doesn't come directly from the White House, it is perilously close.

There are millions of us who watch Glenn Beck's show regularly. And so I have created this website as a place for those of us who support him to speak out.

Let's all join together on behalf of Glenn Beck. Please join me--because this is your fight, too.

DISCLAIMER: FightforGlennBeck is a FAN SITE, and is not affiliated with Glenn Beck, the Glenn Beck Program, Fox New Channel, NewsCorp Inc., or Premiere Radio Networks.


  1. Thanks for starting this blog. I pray that we don't lose our first ammendment right to free speech.

  2. Thanks for starting this blog. Glenn Beck is one of the good guys and the president and his minions are scared to death of him. We need to stop them in their tracks.

  3. Glenn Beck is one of the few commentators that will point out the false statements of Barak Obama. Not only do I want him to stay on Fox, but I hope one day he gets the 8 Eastern slot occupied by the Factor.

  4. Met you at Righton conf. We need more patriots like you.

  5. Amen to all the above.

    Counselor, I'm delighted you started this website. I'm sending it to 100 others.

    Since I too am a lawyer I'm APPALLED to see '' as one of the sponsors who's turned-coat (word? Phrase?)on Glenn. And as the doctor said: He does need to take O'Reilly's spot. Bill's gotten quite vanilla, doubtless the result of making sure that Chairman O will continue to visit the Factor.

    As we say every day in Federal Court: God Save These United States!

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  8. Mr. Cooper:

    I see that you were indicted Friday, August 20, 2009 on five felony counts for your alleged involvement in the Abramoff scandal. Your work on behalf of Abramoff and his client the "CNMI garment factory" was especially disgusting. The crimes detailed in the indictment were not victimless, as any of the former employees of the garment factories could tell you. You are accused of using your position at DOL to coverup crimes that injured innocent foreign contract workers who sought the American dream, but found only a nightmare. You contributed to and fueled their nightmare. How repugnant.

    If the complaint is true I wish you a very long time in jail. As a human rights advocate who assists abused workers in the CNMI, I have had the privilege of working with the dedicated, honest employees of the DOL who were not on the take as you apparently were. I read that you and your lobbyist pals formed a list of the enemies in the DOL. I am certain that the hardworking and ethical DOL attorneys and investigators who I worked with were on your enemies list. I was on Jack's.

    I studied your background. You seem like you had a lot of potential. Too bad you signed on with the dark forces. Maybe while you are sitting in jail you can reflect on all of the people you hurt in exchange for tickets to sporting events and concerts and free meals at Jack Abramoff's Signatures restaurant.